About Me

Hello there,

You have reached the small world of Just Another Sparkle.

She’s the one who finds a whole new world of hers with words. An escape, a home or even a place where she just belongs. Words, you see have the power to bring you down but also to lift you up.

She’s also the one who has a book filled with her dreams but yet chooses books as an gateway to her dreamland.

For her, Forever is composed of nows.

Another small secret?

She loves to travel. Different places, new stories. Something just so magical and a feeling of completeness the journey of that has.

She believes that there is something out there for everyone. Battles, victories, moments, memories, feelings and dreams. Life comes with a lot of things and a fairytale is the last of them. It’s not about what life gives us but how we respond with what it has given us.

We’re all infinte. It’s never about the ending, always about the journey.

Believe, imagine, dream and hope.

With love,

Just Another Sparkle