Unshed Tear


The hardest part of losing someone, isn’t having to say goodbye, but rather Learning to Live without them. Always trying to fill the void , the emptiness that’s left inside your heart when They go.

And there he was. Running towards me. And then suddenly I am tackled on the ground by him. I laugh heartily and I cannot smile any wider now. I cuddle into him and whisper in his ear “I LOVE YOU” and then I hear his voice. The voice which was now music to my ears.
I stand up and get him up along with me. We walk home together. Once we reach his doorstep I hug him tightly. As much as I dint want to leave him just yet I had to go and I knew he needed rest to. He had been ill for the past few days and his appetite was also less. I was concerned and to be frank scared to.

He was very important to me. No, scratch that. He was a part of me now. He was my best friend. My lifeline to be precise. It was like we were connected through some invisible golden thread. It kept weaving our hearts close to each other. He was someone I’d share everything with. Someone who was always there by my side. He was like the HEARTto my BEAT. He had always been there for me. When I cried, when I was heartbroken, when I laughed and when times were tough. When I was happy or when I was sad, he had been through everything with me. He stood up for me when everything else stayed rooted. He was always there for me when my spirits needed a little lift and I could never thank him enough for he truly was an extraordinary gift. He was like the soul to my body and no matter how many up’s and downs nothing could ever tear us apart. Just the mere thought of him made me smile. Whenever I saw him I would bright up like a small 5-year old child on Christmas.

And today was a special day. Today, was the day when we first met. I still remember those memories, all fresh like it just happened yesterday when it was a year ago.

But then again, there was this weird feeling in my stomach like something really bad was going to happen. I just ignored it. And right at that moment, my phone started ringing.

“Great” I muttered. Who was it now?

“Hospital…NOW” the voice was familiar. It sounded like the person was trying hard not to cry and was scared. The feeling in my stomach came back.

The moment I reached the hospital, everything became a blur.

I saw my brother there. Tears in his eyes.

The next moment I find out my best friend is in a critical condition.

Car accident was all I heard.

Then I see doctors running here and there.

Then I feel my tears dried up on my face and sitting on the hospital chest with a feeling that my heart had been ripped away from my chest.

Then poof.

Everything stopped.

we are sorry we couldn’t save him” they kept telling something but I went blank then and there.

The feeling was dangerous.

He died?

But how? He promised me he will never leave me and go. There were no more tears left. I felt emotionless. The feeling came back like a part of me had been stolen away from me, ruthlessly I may add. I felt numb. I felt broken. I felt dead? I don’t know. I just stood there rooted in my place like a statue. Nothing happening. Not understanding anything. Just one sound i could hear ‘ Woof , Woof , ‘.

Why ? Was all I needed an answer to. Why was he snatched away from me. What I was feeling at that moment was nothing. And that feeling of nothing was scary. And i knew would remain for long.

Our golden thread was broken.

His voice kept ringing in my ears.

Woof, Woof, Woof…,”

Yes, my best friend, my favourite dog, left me and went. Why was it so hard to believe? He Left me all alone. And at that moment I could think of anything else. Just that one poem. That explained everything happening right now with me.

When someone you Love , becomes a memory that memory remains forever.

A name in the sand will never last

The waves come rolling into the shore high and fast

And wash the lives away, 

But not the memories we shared each day.

Our traces we left will be there no more

But wherever we are, our memories will never be far apart.

Although, I may not be with you

Know that my love for you will forever be true.

Those memories will last forever

And in them, we shall always be together.

Hold them close to your heart, 

And know that from your side I’ll never part.”

I miss you, BEST FRIEND. 

Be the Reason Someone Smiles.