How is it fair?
That she only lives in gasps of air
Before she too into the dust descends
With broken humanity her screams blend

Don’t question who the she is,
She’s just a new prawn of his
You read about her everyday
She’s the one who is left like a stray

Flip the page, scroll through your feed
Through the notifications, about her you read
Sometimes she’s old, some days a baby
It’s a dream never true if the day goes by safely

She wears a saree or a skirt
In the end, for them she is just dirt
For how long will she have to fight?
Before without a ripple of fear she can cross the night

Cases just keep piling up each day,
Humanity doesn’t have anything from me to say
It’s like the city is just a road full of protests
Each day a march with candles and press

They rip her clothes and her ‘self’ away
To them, what does law have to say?
They burn her, break her, tear her and bury her away
For them it’s just another jail day

When did humanity get ripped away this cruelly?
Never will she ever feel safe truly
She now knows that she has to change herself
Else one day, she will also for the monsters become an elf

There is no change to happen, that is true
What was to come, if only she knew
Stand by her, stand with me
Until like the prayers, to humanity we plea