Will of Hope


Every exit has an Entry.
Every end has a beginning.

Every black cloud has a silver lining.

Never lose hope. Life is full of possibilities.”

There always comes a time where we feel that this is it. That you can’t do it anymore and you are surrounded by problems. We feel like crying at our vain our laughing at destiny right? What do we do at such a time? You might feel that you just want to get lost somewhere, give your thoughts some time and space. But is that really what we want?

What actually you want is to be found. For someone to notice your distress and help you out. All you need is a spark of light in the dark tunnel you are. You need someone to talk to. But guess what? you don’t talk about it to anyone. You build the walls around yourself so high that you don’t allow anyone to enter. But, it should be remembered that the higher you build the walls around yourself, the harder you will fall when someone finally breaks in. So talk it out. If not with someone else yet, then with yourself. Else, write it out. It helps a lot. But, don’t bottle up your emotions inside yourself.

Pretend everything will be alright and it may as well turn into reality. Do something you like, may It be whatever. Just don’t get on the wrong side. Have courage. Be happy.

Because even though you may have lots of reason to be sad, you can as well smile instead.
Have hope. Because hope is that little spark in the dark tunnel. It may not show everything at once, but it gives enough light for the next step to be safe and sure.

Just another thing for you to remember. Up’s and Down’s are a part of life. They say even a straight line in an E.C.G means we are dead. But don’t worry when you are down, because the next place would be up. Also, every lock has a key manufactured for it. So similarly, every problem has its own solution. You just have to find it.

Be The Reason Someone Smiles.