The Grand Play


We live in this grand scheme of things,
The rulebook of the script, pulling our strings.
Yet, we yearn to be in control of the direction
But seldom have it, making our minds a prey to deception.

Circumstances have a choreography of their own,
Forcing us to tango in the way the winds have blown.
Why is it that we must always dance to the steps of the “purpose” play?
And not realize that the dance is ours, the purpose is ‘now’ and for this day.

We search for titles to be under and boxes to tick,
Want to settle under a designation, just as quick
Forget that living is not a destination but a journey,
The line between ‘what comes’ and ‘what is’ gets blurry.

Your designation doesn’t define you,
But rather, when your exploration opens a part of you that’s new.
You are not an hourglass with the sand slipping away,
But rather, how you embrace each new turn that time sends your way.

We have buried ourselves in established boxes of how we should be,
And from these drawn lines, when will we let ourselves break free?
Go be in a place with no frontside and no flipside but just a puzzle,
That which focuses on today’s pieces and gives you a new one tomorrow, while still leaving room for a shuffle.

You don’t have to have it all figured out till this very day,
Nor do you need a rule book that you must live by.
All you have to do is trust the timing of your life and take that leap,
Find the version of you that inspires you, and dive in deep.

Do it your way, do it by trial and error
Don’t chase others’ expectations, look into your mirror.
Take that leap, do what ignites you and sew back that fallen apart seam,
Bloom again, like trimmed branches, plucked flowers, and old dreams.

If you do everything right but don’t feel happy about it,
Is that progress or just a wish that quit?
Moving at a different pace is not falling behind,
Work on you, your passion, and your dream- go get them aligned.

Being lost and unsure doesn’t make you any less you,
For in our wandering, we discover a ray through
To the direction, we flow the best in and the destination to arrive,
Is all but a journey for us to live, feel, strive, thrive, and happily survive.

We are all wishing for the dream catcher to get hold of our next big dream,
And feel the thrill of the chase like water does in a rushing stream.
Don’t make your future route and escape from the present,
There’s something you love, you want and it’s for that you are meant.

– Just Another Sparkle


Rasta Khovaya: Dhunki, Siddharth Amit Bhavsar

Fight Song: Rachel Platten

Aashayein: Iqbal, KK and Salim–Sulaiman