For I too, made a wish


For I too, have a dream,

And however wishful it may seem.

The burning began, the aftertaste grew,

‘Make a wish.’ So, I do.


Do they come true or not?

Was a question I asked myself a lot.

Maybe they don’t, maybe they do,

Universe pushed me towards it and thus, forward I flew.

The hope and ‘what if?’ then came through,

‘Make a wish.’ So, I do.


Under the blanket of the glittering sky,

Fell beside me a shooting star from so high.

Disappeared in the abyss, taking along a fragment of mine,

Left behind in me, was a pinch of sparkling shine.


While the star snatched my wish away, the sky opened for more,

Gave me a sky lantern which rose from my hands and I watch it soar.

The sky once a band of stars now burned with the light of desire,

For no one could stop my dreams from pushing itself higher, higher and higher.


Round and around, I twirl and swirl, dangle and dance, tumble and drift. As I wander to the weeds.

The dream whispers, ‘It’s time. Take me on the wind.’ And away it goes with the dandelion seed.

As I look up, I see the sun smile down at my seed, guiding it to wander away like me.

For I knew, my dream too, once dancing on tiptoes would find new roots to grow and be.


I write my wish and leave it with the lock, a crowd of hopes that are left lost

Overlooking the vast sea, mine feels like a speck in space. Yet, it made its way through the bridges crossed.

Overhead, dancing gracefully was the dream catcher. The feathers tickling and caressing me

My dream, some slipping through and reaching me. While the rest entangled in the web, not finding me.


Fallen eyelashes and 11:11, Birthday candles and coins in the fountain,

Cramping myself between the peaks and murmuring my secrets to the mountains.

I huff out a breath, snap my eyes shut and forget the world for a moment,

Because when I was at the horizon’s edge with the aftertaste enveloping me, only I knew what that meant.


And as you seize me unaware in helpless sleep,

I pull apart your fragments and regretfully store you at the bottom of the heap

I shake my pillow violently, hoping some dreams lost in there would tumble out

And not get lost in the mirage of my mind and just drift deeper in the echoes of their own shouts

Life goes by and my dreams, oh you stay just a memory hidden

I now rip through reality and push myself closer to making it happen

And as I start my journey slowly back to you,

‘Make a wish.’ So, I do