Wiring the Worth


You’re alone, inside a dark room with absolutely no source of light.

You are tearing your eyes wide open to trail your way through the room. You are stumbling in the wrong directions and that’s when a hand reaches out to you.

Gently holding your wrist and taking you across the room.

Who is the first person who comes to you mind after reading this?

Who is that person who you know will hold you forever, no matter what and guide you through it all?

Let’s have the next situation in the same scenario.

You are in that same dark room with no source of light. Suddenly someone switches on the lights and you are back in reality, out of your tunnel.

Slowly and smoothly, back in track.

Who’s the person now?

Who is that person who you know will help you face the reality and be the light in your dark tunnel?

Next situation, same scenario.

Dark room, no light your eyes wide open.

You stumble across the panel of switches and after a moment, light’s flooding in.      

But yet, there is still a little blackness surrounding your vision. (This happens right? When suddenly the room turn from no light to light, there are still black dots covering your sight)

You close your eyes for a moment. What is the first beautiful memory that comes to your mind?

Who is that person who you have the moment with?

Last situation, same scenario.

The same dark room and you are alone. But then there’s someone who comes in, starts goofing around with you, scaring you but leaving a smile on your face nonetheless.

Who is the person here?

Who is the person who makes you forget everything and just makes you happy?

These people mean a lot to us, don’t they?

All the deep posts, every long message, every emotions shows what they mean to us. Sometimes we don’t have words for them but we know they are that star in our galaxy which shines the brightest or more like, they are the entire galaxy. You find yourselves in them, like they are your shadow, always there with you

Whoever these persons in your life are, go to them, tell them how much they mean to you and make them feel special.

Make every moment of theirs the one worth living and the best ones.

Because you never know what the future holds for them or for you. You never know what life is going to give you and nor do you know what is going to happen.

You never know when they will be stolen away from you.

Make even more beautiful memories with them and relish the old ones. Do every crazy thing you ever wanted to and every wish you want to fulfil.

Because you never know when there’s a poof and boom, it’s not the same anymore.

And it’s not only the fear of losing them that will scare you but it is also losing yourself and the pieces of yours you’ve given them which will no longer stay when they are gone.

This is not to scare you or make you feel that one day things may change.

This is for you to live every moment of yours with them and make it all special for all of you. For you to realize the worth of that person.

Because maybe, just maybe in your story, there might not be many chapters with them but they’d sure be the best ones.

Make it all worth it.

Be The Reason someone Smiles 🙂

– Just Another Sparkle