Expression Of Emotions


There’s this one thing which all of us have but we just don’t accept it.

When our hearts get heavy with all the things that’s happening around us and we get very fragile we show and say ourselves that we want to get lost, go away from everything and just stay alone. But in reality, all we want is to be found.

Even though we may seem to not agree to it, and I might as well be wrong but somewhere that’s what we want

We all have thoughts and emotions, don’t we?

Some feelings which we have pushed deep inside us, some which we feel all day, knocking on our hearts for acceptance of those emotions but we turn our heads away from it and some which we hold on to tightly. We don’t have hearts made of rocks. There are such turmoil of thoughts happening. It’s like there’s a heavy weight in us wanting to be lifted away but we never want to or haven’t found a right way to do it.

Making it simple: we have locked up so many feelings inside us that we don’t know or don’t want to let them out.

 I’m not gonna make this long. Instead, I’ll just tell you one thing.

Let it out.

Let go of that from depth of your heart and bring it out

No matter what it is.

It may be gratitude. Towards the smallest of things or the biggest of acts.  Towards a stranger or someone who has been there for you all the time. Tell them how thankful you are

It may be acceptance. How you wish someone was something for you or maybe what they are for you or how you feel about them. Good or bad, love or hate, hope or fear doesn’t matter. Better to tell them, than let assumptions become a ground.

It may be love. This defines itself. Don’t run away from it or take it for granted. Love, in every subjective way here. Better admitting it and sharing it than taking it for something else.

May be fear or insecurities. May be doubt or hope. A wish or a dream. Or anything else. Something deeper or even something small

It may as well be many other things. This was just to name a few. More than me telling you what it may be you know it pretty well what it is.

For how long would you want it to stay inside you?

And I am not giving you an assurance that it’ll always lead to the best of results. There are different circumstances and different ways to react to it.

You do you. what you feel is right.

If not anything else, atleast let it out to someone. What you feel, why you feel that way. The confusion, the lows in your life, the lost time, the spacing out.

Tell anyone, someone. Tell me.

Just don’t get choked by your own emotions.

It’s okay to feel the way you are feeling. Just share it rather than getting it overthought.

This is a story of all of us

That one time when our hearts make a fuss

We let it get weighed by emotions

And our unspoken self, in the mind create a commotion

We all have thoughts and feelings, don’t we?

But how often do we let them out free?

We let ourselves get overburdened by overthought feelings

Just let it out, even if the emotion for you doesn’t find a meaning.

Someone is here for you.


~Just Another Sparkle