Keep what Matters


Yet again, I write on life this time

it’s tricky and difficult to get it to rhyme

but now that my thoughts are a mess

maybe yet again, it’s cause of life (I made that guess)


Once I read something which said,

That it is moments we remember not days.

That’s when reality hit my head,

And towards life showed me different ways.


Fights, arguments and bad days,

Often leave us in an empty daze.

Making us trapped in an endless loop,

All overthought feelings making a troop


Funny, how sometimes we forget the happy days

But never let the sad ones leave the mind maze.

We clutch on to it so tight,

That with ourselves we have a fight


You have taught yourself to be happy,

But have you ever told yourself what to do when you are sad?

Even the smallest things affect us so badly,

That now on ourselves we get mad.


It’s life, there will be bad days and good ones

But don’t hold onto things that don’t keep you happy.

Just go out there and look for your happiness in tons,

Don’t let something that hurt you leave you alone in a dark alley


Life in the end is like a big fat gigantic mess,

but that’s the beauty of it

Because it’s is not about the numbers of days you breathe,

But about the days that take your breath away.


-Just Another Sparke