Believe to Be-alive


There is a power in believing

The one you can feel but never touch

To keep going on, this feel is the most pleasing

Every time you feel that life is getting too much


It comes tumbling inside you,

When you hit rock bottom the hardest

Yet, it brims inside you with a determination all new

It’s like that twinkle of stars on the days which are your darkest


It’s like the beauty of the stars at the night

And how they make you believe again

Cause when your shooting star shines the brightest

It is to tell you that every fall, is just a wish to gain.


Every time you stumble down your road

It comes to tell you that you are more than this

Because while rocks get your raft slowed

It is only to take you towards your bliss


It will come to you when you need it the most

to lift you up and make you see what you are

Because you soar a little higher every time from your post

Only when the rope holding you pulls you down the bar


Your “I Can’t” comes alive the very moment

When all your hope is lost in the spill

Belief is the thing that doesn’t make you stop

And whispers, “But I Will”


~Just Another Sparkle