Not here to Stay


There was an itchty itchy itch,

The type which makes you completely switches.

It comes in a flash and grips you so tight,

To not let it hold you, it’s a fierce fight.


You might not know what I’m talking about,

But think of that one emotion that blocks all the others out.

The one that tests you until your timer goes tick tick tick, boom

The very emotion that throws every other sense out of the room.


If not figured, it’s ANGER that I talk about here,

Because when it comes, it’s the tiger and you a deer.

Doesn’t go away until it catches every bit of you,

You know you can stop it, if only you had a clue.


You see, Anger needs expression.

Hiding it away is just an illusion.

Everyone has their own trigger for it,

Oh but when it does burst, it burns every bit.


Yes, it is an emotion which you have to control.

And stop it before it gets you whole.

You can close your eyes and clench your teeth,

But in that moment all you have to do is breathe.


Breathe because, this emotion is just a guest

And all it does is take your test.

Punch something hard or lash someone out,

But anger is not here to stay, that’s without any doubt.

-Just Another Sparkle