Decide Your Direction


We’ve all had a dream list when we were young, didn’t we?

List of what we wished we’d become. Though somewhere we knew we had to make up our mind for one of it but could never always point out which one.

We wanted to do a lot of things but yet we had to take that one decision which would point us to the direction of where we were meant to be.

But how’d we figure out which direction is it? That where is it that we really want to go?

I’m talking my story here when I say I dint know where to put my first step at. Life never came to me with a step-by-step handbook or guide or a list of do’s and don’ts. So, I made my own. Some point or the other, we all did or we’ll have to. And so, I started filling it. Filling it with post-it notes that were the turning point my life, underlined lines that meant the consequences of the decisions I had made and tiny page folds which were the arrows to all of this.

Every game had that one main move. Every road has that obstacle and that’s what hit me first. There were 3 things to do. Avoid it and jump over it, let it become a wall and take me in it or wipe and clear it away. And with the obstacle came self-doubt, over-thought actions and fear. Because I dint know if the obstacle was a genuine concern, or that it dint feel right or that I was scared to find out where my passion would lead me and will it lead right.

Well, I did clear it and you cleared yours too. How? That is our own different story. But then, I realized this decision was just the beginning of the rest of my future. Because then, came the dividers. A road to pick, a way to choose.

What I realized was that the right direction wouldn’t just happen to me with a fancy welcome board but I had to create it. To make my own way. This step came with bigger fears. What if I made a mistake in creating it? What if I chose the wrong way? What if it doesn’t work out? What if I don’t make it? But then I realized that I was letting my mind make all of these things up and so I just turned it around and hit the road.

Because then I just went with my gut and did it. Vo Nike wale kya kehte hai? Just Do It.

I am not saying that trusting your instincts and going with your gut will always lead you to the best result. But what it will lead you to is a result.

What I did then was to note down my strengths, what I had learn and everything that made me happy. The things which made me feel energetic, motivated, content and made me feel that I belong.

Then, all I had to do was calculate all of it and get a solution. I am not a big fan of math and I did make mistakes. But atleast that made me realize the ways that weren’t the way.

These were just my way to take me where I am today and that is just the start line. The road ahead was tricky and the box of that hadn’t even opened yet. But what I knew that if something went down, it’s never too late to get back up and do it right.

Sometimes, it’s the wave of changes that gives you a direction.

You just had to do you. You’ll realize rest soon enough.

There’s always a way to create a way.

To hold on, to let go, to believe and to have it to do it.

With love, hope, belief and a way

Just Another Sparkle