Until when?


How worse can it now get, to you I ask

What else is left for you to tick off as a task?

People tell me, if you were a person you’d be the worst one

And I can’t seem to agree more, why couldn’t you just be one and get done?

365 days of you and you have just begun

Look around you, can’t you see the destruction you have spun?

Of homes, of families, of hearts, of faith, of belief and of humanity

Do you even know that you have tested us all close to our insanity?

You tested us, in every way and taught us what you had to

What more do you want from us until you stop through?

I can throw at you headlines of what you bought to us as a year

We just want you to stop and change, isn’t that clear?

Here we are, venting out our frustration and waiting for an end

And with a belief that this will stop soon, for you this has been penned.

I have a lot of questions for you and the main one is why

We don’t want an answer, but just for this year to pass by

With this tiny shimmer of hope inside us, we stand together today

Waiting for that one moment when you no longer with us stay.

~Just Another Sparkle