Living with Pauses


Confused souls that wandered under clear skies
Hidden beneath their dreams were so many lies
And as the sky became a palette of colours
Time seeped in slow to let the sky do its wonders
Under the pitch black starlit sky,
In a rush, lives pass by
Waiting for a moment when everything freezes
And their souls, within its heart eases
All they need right now, is a pause
A chance to stop their lives from going into a toss
Because while everything around is going so fast
They just want a moment to stop and look at the sky at vast
The heart now beats drums not when she first kissed
But while rushing through the stairs so that the train doesn’t go missed
What happened to doing something you really love?
Did that also get knuckled inside a boxing glove?
The choice was to make a reunion call
But instead you go for work on weekends, afraid of the fall
You wanted to dip inside the water and dive through the sky
But it’s like your commitments gave your dreams a goodbye
Instead of looking for a pause button in your days
Open your eyes, and behind your dreams start your chase
Take a moment, breathe, pause everything and enjoy your time
Live your dreams with open eyes while I try to rhyme.

~Just Another Sparkle