Selfless in this world, you find are a very few,
They are the ones who will always be, always be there for you.
Everyone makes easy promises that they will stay,
But even with unsaid words, these angels, by your side they lay.

They are the ones who have endlessly loved you and cared for you,
If you ever stumble they hold your hand and take you through.
They take your drama, take your complaints,
If it was not for them nothing in your life would remain.

But the reality is that you rarely realize their worth,
Quite often forget that they were the ones who supported you since the time they gave you birth.
Forget that your life, your happiness and your dreams came all from them,
And if they ever drop your hand, your will lose the most precious gem.

Your parents are the biggest gift, life could have given you,
Close your eyes and recollect, there will never be a moment when they weren’t with you.
Realize that they are the most priceless and irreplacable beings,
Within them they hold together your strongest feelings.

Just Another Sparkle