Gaze at Your Gem


 Dreams dekhna toh basic hota hai na?

Dreams are unstoppable. Dreams are a part of us. It gives us a little hope that maybe in the midst of all chaos a miracle may happen. Dreams give life to us. Because, dreams don’t have an expiration date right? We can keep trying again, dreaming better. Because, when we dream we enter in a world that is entirely new. A world which is ours. All happy-go-lucky and everything. What do they say? Unicorns and fairies. That type maybe?

But that’s what not this is about. This is not about asking you to dream big or never stop dreaming. Nah. There are ton of quotes and blogs about that.

So, what’s it about?

What if our dreams fail? What if we are looking forward to actually live the dream we keep replaying in our head for infinite times but then it breaks down like glass falling on ground? What if we had finally gotten the courage to dream it but then all the courage falls like a house of cards? What if we keep wishing for that particular dream to come true but it just vanishes away like a shooting star?

We aren’t expected to stay happy and cheerful about it. And obviously, we can’t. There are a whirlwind of emotions happening inside us then. Disappointment, sadness, discouragement….

Because, that dream wasn’t just a teeny tiny one, it was a very big dream. One which held a lot of importance to us.

So what to do?

Sit and whine about it? Act like a sour lemon? Jumping to conclusions and never dreaming of anything like that again?

No. duh.

Then what? Dance around with poms poms that another big dream fails and go sulk about it over an ice cream and watch a movie where dreams magically come true?

Again, NO.

Because, we aren’t that weak. Are we? If we had the courage to to dream it, then we should have the determination to achieve it. We give our dream one shot, we fail. But, is that it? Do we stop there? Do we just forget we ever dreamt it and move on? Like pretend that dream never came and be a sore loser?

Certainly, NO.

Examples fall short for this. There are so many people around you who never gave up on their dreams. Once, twice, thrice, infinite times they Failed. Dreamt again. Tried again. WON. And its not like all our dreams have to come true. But, if it has too, it surely will. Maybe soon, maybe later. If not today then tomorrow. Maybe a year later but it will.

So stand up back again, switch that magical movie off and make your dream magically come true.

Dreams not only are a part of us, they complete us.

So, Remind yourself. That it isn’t over yet. This is not the end. Remind yourself, to dream again, countless times and achieve it. Because, you must stop chasing the wrong one. The right one never runs.


Be the Reason Someone Smile

– Just Another Sparkle.