Uncharted Chaos


 ‘When you can’t control what’s happening, challenge yourself to control the way you respond to everything. That’s where your power is’

At some point of time, we come across that stage in life where nothing goes right. Like you are being pulled in the wrong direction by some force like strong wind? We feel frustrated all the time and ready to make some decisions, some conclusions. Some that we know we will regret in future. Some such permanent or maybe temporary decisions that we know will harm us or affect us later.

But, at that particular point, we aren’t thinking right. In our sub-conscious state, we just make those decisions or probably we take a few actions that we regret a lot. But, we just do it at that time. Right? Like, it all just happens. And then, when we look back, there is a regret or a guilt that never leaves us. But still, at that moment we just feel it is the right thing.

Because, amidst all the wrong or unwanted things happening around us, we cannot think straight. Our mind becomes a wavy circle, like a mess. Left, right or straight we don’t know. We just take a step inside the unknown, the very dangerous unknown.

And when does all of this happen? When do we make all these regretful decisions? Yes, ANGER. When Anger feels free to come in. Or probably when we are mad?

We know, that everything does not go the way we want it to. That is not how life works. Life gives us some unexpected situation that we get so numb and we do not know how to react to them. We just don’t want those circumstances to happen so we let anger take out the worst of us.

Why we may ask? Because we have adapted ourselves to such situations where everything is all fine. Like we are living in a mirage of happy-go-lucky and then, we are left blank when such a time is thrown hard in front of us. And so, since we don’t know what to do we go to our only substitute- Anger. It’s not like Anger is the only solution. But at that time, we don’t know what else is. It’s like giving this angry person inside us an open invite to come and ruin It more.
And also, we cannot be judged when angry. Anger makes us do all such sort of us which we never would have want to do if we were in our right state. But also, can we help it? No.
It gets very difficult for us to control ourselves when angry. It is like a big task to get ourselves to be calm at that time. But, we have to.
We have to restrain ourselves.

So the question here is how?

It’s quite simple actually, we just make it complicated. All that we have to do is what we have been told since ages. But, we never real do it. What exactly?

Deep breathe. In and out, in and out.
It never actually works right? That is because we have never tried it properly. Yet, another solution?

Think. Think about why you are doing it. Why you are getting angry. What actually happened. Think, if the anger right now was really necessary? Think about the good or happy moments you had recently, think about the destruction made if you let anger control you and then, think about being happy. It works.
Yeah, I know. At that moment thinking straight won’t actually work. But, you have to force yourselves to. Because, when we move forward and look back we realize how silly it was to make it such a big deal when the matter could be solved in a sweet way.

And lastly?

Calm yourself down. How?
Do something you like. Do something that helps you clear your mind. However, it may be. Write, draw, sing, play music, listen to songs, travel, etc., etc.,
And then, within no time, it all back to right. The strong wind, that was pulling you in the wrong path will automatically land you in the right spot. And then, poof, we are all happy again.
Most of us go through this a lot. I really hope this helps us. And also, if you have your own suggestions, please do share.

Remember, Life is unpredictable. Even the coldest of winters happens for the best of reasons.

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