Don’t break that Glass


What is it that they all say?

Trust is like a glass. Once it is broken, all goes down. We can put the pieces back but, the cracks are still noticeable.

But what does it take to break the trust? Or wait, what does it take to build a strong thread of trust?
Supposedly we take it this way. We go to enjoy a roller coaster ride. Do we ever dwell on a thought of trust that maybe the ride isn’t safe? No right. We completely trust the safety and we know that we are secured. Trust is that easy?
Or this way. You know this friend for years. By now, you trust them completely. But what if they misuse your trust? What if they take your trust for granted. You never know. Is trust that hard?
Trust is fragile but firm at the same time. If its hard to trust someone its harder to make someone trust you. Because once its crushed, everything is shattered.

Trust is like the root. If its strong, we have a mighty tree. If it isn’t, the tree blows away with the wind. Trusting someone may happen in a fraction of second or it may take years.
But more than all of this, we need to trust ourselves the most.
Trust ourselves that we are the best. That nothing is impossible for us. Trust is the only thing that will help us remain strong. Life will throw lot of problems at us. Complications, misunderstandings and what not not. But, at those point of times, we have to learn to trust. Trust ourselves first and the others who are trying to help us, being there for us when we lose ourselves.

It takes years for us to build trust. But in a matter of minute its broken and it takes forever to repair it. After all, it’s like paper. Once crumpled, it will never be the same again.
Our relations are all based on trust. Trust is that bond which makes it stronger or weaker.

Along with that, we need to trust the wait too. Wait for what?
Wait for what our future has for us. Wait for the uncertainty. Wait for the unknown. Wait for our dreams.

Because, if trust is absent, nothing happens. Trust is more important than love. You can love a person, trusting is the hard part. The relations are incomplete without trust after all. And once its broken, there is no looking back.
In a world full of humans who cant keep secrets be someone’s trust. Trust is like a safety net but a spider web at the same time.
If you trust someone don’t have doubts. But more than anyone or anything, trust yourself. Because, in the end everyone leaves. Its just you for yourself.
Yakeen Karna Seekho. Shakh toh Sari duniya karti hai.


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