We live in different stories.

Some illusions, some realities.

The days keep slipping and flipping,

Reality all but becomes a memory fleeting.


Nights pass by in a sleepless dream,

The heart whispers muffled screams.

Asking you to grab on to now,

But it leaves before you figure out how.


The reality of life keeps changing,

Tomorrow finds every second of today draining.

What stays true now might not later,

Between all this, you let yourself become a smudge on paper.


What is today is not what will be tomorrow.

What you want and are will just keep getting narrower.

Between all this, don’t let your true self get missed

And I just want you to remember this.


Situations, wants and people change. But so do you,

And that fact is not anything new

What holds true now will not forever,

A moment stays for now or never.


The entire point is what someone said to me,

That life is like a changing spin-the-wheel,

These changes will make every part of you peel

But just take a deep breath, close your eyes and be.